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  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT


As Canon's top-of-the-line flash, the 600EX-RT is a culmination of Canon's greatest flash technology and innovations packed into the most professional flash canon has ever designed. The 600EX features a new radio controlled wireless flash system which can support up to five slave flashes while precisely communicating and controlling exposure values. The 600EX-RT also features more power then its predecessors with guide number of 197 feet (60 m) at ISO 100 the 600EX-RT can provide light for lenses from 28mm to 200mm.

The 600EX-RT offers radio controlled, wireless transmission up to 98.4 feet, up to 5 seperate groups can be controlled with a maximum of 15 individual flashes. The 600EX-RT's 2.4Ghz radio signal adds new unobstructed sync capabilities to the canon flash system which were previously unavailable with optical slaves. These radio transmissions can fire wirelessly through any obstacle within the radio range and are available on multiple channels allowing mutliple photographers to use the RT system without interference.

The 600EX-RT has also been redesigned from previous models, now offering a metal hot shoe, improved weather and dust sealing and a brand new LCD for improved screen clarity. The 600EX-RT now supports all of Canon's ETTL technologies including ETTL II allowing for full compatibility with all of Canon's current ETTL II DSLR's.

  • New wireless multiple flash system using radio wave communication for enhanced control of up to five groups of flashes.
  • Zoom flash head covers wide range of 20-200mm; maximum Guide Number (197 ft./60m at ISO 100).
  • Redesigned contact construction, improved flash head durability, and exceptional dust and weather resistance for reliable operation.
  • AF Assist Beam compatible with Canon's new 61-Point High Density Reticular AF.
  • Dot matrix LCD panel and backlit button provide easy visibility.
  • Color filter holder for attaching Canon and third-party color gelatin filters.
  • 18 Custom Functions and 7 Personal Functions for creative flexibility.
  • Full swivel, 180 degrees in either direction.

Compatible Cameras 

Guide Number 
The maximum Guide No. is approximately 196.9 ft./60m at ISO 100 varies from approximately 85.3 ft./26m to 196.9 ft. /60m according to the flash coverage (20 to 200 mm). 

When the extendable wide panel is pulled out, the flash coverage is 14 mm and the Guide No. is approximately 15/49.2

Number of Flashes 
Approx. 100 - 700 flashes (with size-AA/LR6 alkaline batteries)

Recycling Time 
Normal flash: Approx. 0.1 - 5.5 sec.
Quick flash: Approx. 0.1 - 3.3 sec.

- With size-AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
- Flash-ready state indicated by beep sound

Flash Range 
Effective flash range at ISO 100 

Normal Flash

Guide Number Aperture Value
f/1.4 f/2 f/2.8 f/4 f/5.6
60.9 ft.
42.7 ft.
30.5 ft.
21.3 ft.
15.2 ft.
140.6 ft.
98.4 ft.
70.3 ft.
49.2 ft.
35.2 ft.
* The flash shooting range can be calculated using the equation "Guide No. ÷ set aperture value".
*Rounded off to the first decimal place. 

Quick Flash
Aperture Value
f/1.4 f/2 f/2.8 f/4 f/5.6
32.7 ft.
22.9 ft.
16.3 ft.
11.4 ft.
8.2 ft.
32.2 (200mm) 75.3 ft.
52.7 ft.
37.7 ft.
26.4 ft.
18.8 ft.

High-speed Sync (at 1/250 sec.)
Aperture Value
f/1.4 f/2 f/2.8 f/4 f/5.6
32.3 ft.
22.6 ft.
16.2 ft.
11.3 ft.
8.1 ft.
74.5 ft.
52.2 ft.
37.3 ft.
26.1 ft.
18.6 ft.

AF Assist Beam 
System: Near-infrared light pattern projection method
Linkable AF Points: Supports 1 to 61-Point High Density Reticular AF
Supported focal length: 
- EF Lens: 28mm or greater
- EF-S Lens: 18mm or greater 

Effective Range (Approx.):
At Center: 2.0 - 32.8 ft. / 0.6 - 10 m
Periphery: 2.0 - 16.4 ft. / 0.6 - 5 m

Custom Functions 
18 Functions 

Personal Functions
7 Functions


Power Source 
Four AA-size/LR6 alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH or Lithium Batteries

External Power Source 
Compact Battery Pack CP-E4

Approx. 3.1 (W) x 5.6 (H) x 4.9 (D) in. / 79.7 (W) x 142.9 (H) x 124.5 (D) mm
*Excluding color filter holder


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