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  • Nikon DX 10.5mm f/2.8G AF Fisheye - Nikkor

Nikon DX 10.5mm f/2.8G AF Fisheye - Nikkor

2.00 LBS

This fisheye lens was developed specifically for the Nikon DX camera format. Embodying powerful features like close range correction or CRC, so your close up shots are as vivid and more detailed than your farther away shots. With correction your images are more clear and balanced reproductions or true life. Extra low dispersion technologies make the lens glass much more than a focal point or light capture; it commands light and helps eliminate the problems often experienced by photographers like aberrations/ghost images and light flare overwhelming the image colors. Colors are balanced and distributed better thanks to this powerful coating.

Close focus ranges are as close as 5.5 inches so your close-up shots will be stunning. A lot of capture opportunities demand quiet as not to scare off what you're trying to capture so the whisper quiet lens motor utilizing silent wave motor technology gives this lens that much more impact for these types of shots. You also don't really want to hear your lens moving in and out of focus so special technologies make operation incredibly quiet.

Distance information is accurate even far away for the ambient lighting and exposure processing. Owners of this lens enjoy the fun types of images you can get from it, and for standard images you get a wider angle of view. This means you capture more, capture fun, and get what you're after the first time.



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