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Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D Ed-If AF-S Zoom


Expected in other innovative high performance Nikon lenses this 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF AF-S Zoom lens doesn't disappoint! Its super wide angle AD-S Zoom boasting amazing picture quality at either end of the zoom spectrum is a lot of workhorse in a small package! Nikon brings life into focus and this is the lens it can do that very well with.

Its rectilinear zoom lens is designed for superior performance in a variety of situations. This is the closest focusing distance lens of all with an impressive .28 m (.9 ft) close up focus with undistorted image captures. Through the entire spectrum of focus range this lens can also provide constant maximum aperture of F/2.8- without compromise. If you're a photo journalist you may find this to be the perfect compromise between price and features!

The zoom motor is virtually silent with a whisper operation you can hear but just barely (and in a very quiet room!).

Note: AF-S is not supported by all camera models.

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