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MagMod MagGrid



Become a master at light control. Professional quality lighting is a must for any photographer, and MagMod’s invisible, instantaneous magnetic grip make it the fastest and easiest way to securely attach flash modifiers.

The MagGrid’s carefully optimized beam pattern provides even light coverage and eliminates unwanted light spill, allowing photographers to capture cleaner and more consistent photographs between shots. The MagGrid’s tight 40° beam pattern efficiently focuses light only where you want it, and not everywhere else.  MagMod’s patent-pending modular design allows you to stack as many MagMod modifiers as your heart desires, and in any order, with each additional modifier providing you with even greater control over your light.  Add a second MagGrid and get a pin-point 20° beam!

Molded from a single piece of silicone rubber, the MagGrid’s incredibly tough construction withstands impact and tearing, as well as being heat- and chemical-resistant.  It’s sleek, minimalistic design means you’ll never lose necessary parts, and is practically idiot proof.   MagGrid’s compact size reduces unnecessary bulk on your flash, while also saving space in your camera bag and can easily fit in your pocket.

Rid yourself of annoying velcro, sticky adhesives, and bulky straps by utilizing the magical powers of magnetism to attach the MagMod flash modifiers.

What's in the Box

(1) MagGrid


  • Version 2: Our notoriously strong neodymium magnets now enter from side, preventing accidental removal. Combined with slightly more flexible silicone rubber, the new modifiers are stronger than ever.
  • Strong & Sleek Simplicity is where form meets function. Each MagMod is designed as a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is sleek, compact, easy to use, and incredibly strong.
  • Modular DesignMagMod was designed from the ground up to be completely modular. Stack multiple MagGrid’s and MagGel’s, in any order, and start to shape and control your light like never before.
  • Instant Attachment: Each MagMod modifier is embedded with two freakishly strong neodymium “rare-earth” magnets that instantly, silently, and securely attach to your flash. Just attach it and forget about it.


Weight 0.2000 lbs
Dimensions 0.750 x 5.000 x 3.250 in


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