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Exceptionally discreet, the M10-P embodies the essence of the M philosophy and raises the traditional subtlety of the M series to an unprecedented level. The most notable feature of the Leica M10-P speaks volumes to the core philosophy of the M series, yet it is virtually silent to the ear. At the heart of this camera is the newly designed shutter, making the M10- P the quietest of all digital and analog M cameras ever made. Moments requiring utmost discretion can be captured unobtrusively with the nearly silent, fast and slim M10-P. The design of the Leica M10-P is classically minimalist, featuring only subtle Leica lettering on its top plate, and omitting the Leica red dot logo or any branding on the front.


Firmware Update available to download on Leica Website




Camera type Digital camera with rangefinder system
Lens mount: Leica M bayonet
Compatible lenses Leica M lenses, Leica R lenses via adapter
Sensor CMOS chip, active surface approx. 24 x 36mm

Storage media SD CARDS 1-2 GB / SDHC cards put to 32 GB / SDXC cards up to 2 TB

Viewfinder Large, bright-line from rangefinder and automatic parallax compensation
LCD panel 3’’ TFT LCD, 1.04 MP, touch control available

Power supply: (Leica BP-SCL5) 1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, rated voltage 7.4 V; capacity 110 mAh, max. charging voltage/current: 1000 mA DC, 7.4 V; operating conditions (in the camera): +0 to 40oC; manufacturers: PT. VARTA Microbattery, Made in Indonesia

Charger Inputs: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 mA with automatic switchover or 12 VDC, 1.3 A, output: DC, rated voltage 7.4 V, 1000 mA/max. 8.25 V, 1100 mA, operating conditions: +10 to + 35oC, manufacturer: Guandong PISEN Electronics Co. Ltd., Made in China

Housing Full metal housing: Magnesium die-cast, synthetic leather covering

Top cover and bottom cover: Brass, black or silver chrome- plated finish

Dimensions (WxHxD) 139 X 38.5 X 80 mm

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