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Berger Bros. can save your priceless old photographs with our restoration process and create prints from the negatives you have.
Your photographs are scanned, and then digitally restored. They are then printed on photo quality paper. Images are returned in their original condition. Once scanned, the images are archived for future reprints. From wherever you are you can scan and email your print, negative, slide or digital file to our Artist and get a free estimate. If you agree to have the work done, it should be scanned and sent over at 100% 300 DPI and as a JPEG or TIFF file.


● Fix cracks/tears and blemishes
● Add/remove people/objects in photo
● Repair water damage
● Replace backgrounds
● Restore color to faded photographs
● Open a person’s eyes
● Colorize a black and white image


PRINT PRICES (per print):
** These prices are the same for when a reprint is wanted**
● 4 x 6: $4 [Bulk Price: $1.40]
● 5 x 7: $10 [Bulk Price: $5.00]
● 8 x 10: $15 [Bulk Price: $10.00]
● 11 x 14: $19 [Bulk Price: $15.00]
● 13 x 19: $29.99
● 16 x 20: $59.99
● 24 x 36: $79.99

Bulk Prices are for orders of 100 or more prints



  • Prints less than 8 x 10: $3.00
  • Prints 8 x 10 & larger: $5.00
  • Slides: $2.00 [Bulk Price: $1.00]
  • Negatives: $2.00 [Bulk Price: $1.00]
  • 35mm per strip: $2.00 [Bulk Price: $1.00]
  • Slide + 4 x 6 print: $5.50
  • Scan 100 photos: $29.99
  • Scan 500 photos:  $99.99
  • Shoe box of photos (adult size): $200

Digital to CD/DVD: $30 per CD/DVD

Digital to USB - 16 GB:  $24.99 + $10.00

Digital to USB - 32 GB: $29.99 + $10.00
PDF to JPEG conversion: $30 base price* 
*Price may vary on number of files
*Bulk pricing quoted upon request
*Free estimates on all jobs



Scan, crop, enlarge if necessary

Scan, crop, enlarge if necessary, color correct, light retouch

Scan, crop, enlarge, color correct, repair cracks or blemishes

Scan, crop, enlarge, color correct, repair cracks/tears or blemishes, remove people or objects

Scan, crop, enlarge, color correct, repair cracks/tears or blemishes, remove people/objects,
colorize black and white photos, combine two or more photos, “digital facelift”


Here's how Photo Restoration works:

You bring us your photographs and we will give you an estimate on how much it will be to scan, retouch and print your photo.

Alternatively you can scan your photo yourself at 300 dpi, original size with no corrections and email it to [] and we can give you an estimate, and provided it was scanned properly work off that scan. You will be asked for a deposit in this scenario.


Keep in mind:

  • Restoration price is determined by the type of damage, the extent of damage and where the damage is. For instance damage on someone's face will cost more.
  • Oversized prints may be more money because they require multiple scans.
  • Prints can generally be made one size up from their original file size, and can always be downsized.
  • Color photos can be made black and white easily. Black and white photos can be colorized but it costs more.
  • There are two paper finishes to choose from, pearl or glossy.
  • You will be given expert advice on the options available for your print.
  • Turnaround time can vary depending on workload and time of year. December is a busy month so get your photos in early.
  • We can provide a rush service at an additional cost.
  • Any estimated job over $200.00 will require a 30% deposit.
  • You will get your original file back in its original condition.


Additional Berger Bros Services (prices vary by size and specifics)


Cardboard Cutouts

Call for pricing 


Acrylic prints 
4X6 - $40 
5X7 - $60 
8X10 - $160 
11x14 - $220


Metal Prints

5x7 - $30

8x10 - $65

11x17 - $110


Canvas prints and wraps 
8x10 - $60 
11x17 - $50 
12x24 - $130 


Wood prints

4x6 - $35

8x12 - $70

11x17 - $110


Wall Standout prints 
8x10 - $80
10x10 - $50 
11x14 - $60 

Low, Medium, or Heavy Textured Fine Art prints

4x6 - $20

5x7 - $30

8x10 - $40

11x14 - $60


Photo Cards

Call for pricing



Softcover $20, Hardcover $60, Fabric $70, Leather $150
Hardcover $250, Leather $280, Metal Cover $380