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Tips for photography to help you make wiser purchases

There are many camera techniques available today, and quite often matching the right camera to your particular needs can be terribly important in making your photography better. Often we hear from people who bought the most expensive camera they could afford, only to learn later that it doesn't do what they wanted, and they would have been better off with a more inexpensive model. What they really needed was to pick up a few tips for photography before making their purchase, specific to the camera techniques they wanted to accomplish.

Photography can be a journey, and an expensive one at that. If you know where you want to be, you can plan your purchases to make your photography better. Buying the right camera now makes the purchase of a lens or flash much more affordable later, and that should be at the top of everyone's tips for photography. Maybe you have a new arrival, and though a point and shoot always served you well before, you'll find that that shooting little children needs speed. Sometimes it's the camera, and not just the camera technique which is important.

Maybe you're a dedicated amateur looking to turn pro? The right camera or lens for shooting portraits might not be the same one you'd want to shoot a wedding. And the lenses that capture beautiful landscapes might not do at all for your style of photography. Better safe than sorry, and the more you know, the better your choices will be.
At Berger Bros. we've always taken pride in not only sharing tips for photography and camera techniques, but in trying to match each person who walks into the store with the right camera for the kind of shots they want to take. And in order to give that same service to our online customers, we've put together the suggestions on the pages below. Still have questions? Call us toll-free at 800-542-8811 with any questions, email us, or click here to chat with a customer service rep. After all, the more we know about your interests, and the more you know about the equipment you're purchasing, the easier it will be to help you make your photography better and more enjoyable.

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