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MagMod Professional Flash Kit



MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels. Play with light without the mess of tapes or Velcro with the MagMod Professional kit. Including a MagGrip for attaching multiple filters and creative enhancers, this master carton takes you from amateur to pro. Creative gels and a MagGel hot shoe attachment in this MagMod Professional kit let you bend studio or outdoor light into exciting photographs.



1 MagMod MagGrip

1 MagMod MagGrid

1 MagMod MagSphere

1 MagMod MagBounce

1 MagMod MagGel

1 MagMod Creative Gel Set

MagGrip's universal design attaches to almost any hot-shoe flash ever made, making it one small investment that grows with you and your business.
250% better than your bare flash
MagSphere increases the size of your light-emitting surface for a softer glow over a bigger area. MagGrid's carefully optimized beam pattern provides even light coverage and eliminates unwanted light spill.
MagBounce provides direct light exactly where you want it. Via the awesome power of magnetism, you get 360 degrees of rotation in four different configurations.
Easier than Instagram but just as fast
With MagGel, you can add and correct colors on the fly, even under challenging shooting conditions. Pop up to three rigid gels, which are based on standard Rosco colors, into the MagGel.
Silicone rubber retains 99% of its elasticity over time, even after long, repeated use.
With two super strong magnets embedded in the MagGrip, you can add and remove MagMod magnetic modifiers in an instant. You'll work more efficiently and look like the professional you are.
Because you can never have too many modifiers
Stack as many MagMod modifiers on top of the MagGrip as your heart desires in any order. Get creative.

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