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Canon REALiS WUX400ST Pro AV LCoS Projector



The REALiS WUX400ST Pro AV LCoS Projector from Canon provides a native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution enhanced by Canon's AISYS LCoS technology. The projector includes 4000 lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 for high resolution photo and video displays. Of equal importance, this projector is easy to install and maintain. Additionally, it has a manual digital keystone horizontal/vertical correction for added flexibility.


Versatile connectivity is rounded out by an HDMI terminal that supports uncompressed 1080p video, and an RJ-45 network port which allows for remote network operation.


4000 Lumens
With an output of 4000 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and advanced AISYS technology, the projector delivers wide screen graphics, text, and HD video presentations
Native WUXGA Resolution (1920 x 1200)
The projector features high performance WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and a throw ratio of 0.56:1, enabling the projection of a 7' (2.1 m) from just under 4' (1.2 m) away
Canon's proprietary AISYS 5.0 optical engine, in combination with the projector's 4000 lumens, enhances contrast and brightness through improved light management compared to the previous AISYS optical engine, and is capable of projecting onto screens up to 110" (2.8 m) without sacrificing the high image and HD video quality that your audience deserves. Additional value can be found with its wide range lens shift (Vertical: 0% to 75%; Horizontal: +/- 10%) and its image reformation projective optical system. Canon's optical technology helps minimize the ghosting and chromatic irregularities
Fixed Top Zoom Function
In the past, it has been sometimes difficult to fully utilize the zoom feature in an installation projector, as you would have to tilt the projector. Doing so could result in a distorted, trapezoidal picture or video that would then require keystone correction - sometimes at the cost of image quality. The projector helps make this challenge a thing of the past! With its fixed top zoom function, users can easily zoom in or out while maintaining the height of the projection position. Lowering the position of the projected image or video can be as simple as adjusting the unit's mechanical lens shift function
Mechanical Lens Shift
The projector is a flexible projector that works well under a diverse range of installation scenarios to meet your organization's specific requirements. Its built-in, mechanical lens shift is capable of a wide range. Vertically, the projector's shift range can be set from 0 to 75%. Horizontally, it can be adjusted from between +/- 10%
4 Point Keystone Correction
It offers a 4 point keystone correction
Image Processing
In order to check for proper installation alignment and aspect ratio setting, the unit includes built-in test patterns that enable PC-less calibration without a test pattern generator. When two projectors are necessary in order to effectively communicate your entire presentation, the projector's built-in edge blending processor seamlessly combines the two projected images. The unit is capable of overlapping 0-960 horizontal pixels and 0-600 vertical pixels. Canon's easy to use, built-in processor corrects for over brightness within the intersected areas for seamless projection. Its low TV distortion (0.1%) supplies uniform horizontal and vertical blending. Finally, high image quality is achieved through the use of LCoS technology, to help ensure the most advanced grayscale capable of producing extremely sharp, distinct and smooth highlights and shadows
Control Over IP
Included in the projector is a full suite of network features including full control over IP. Power management, usage tracking and control can be done over the onboard LAN port for up to 250 projectors on the network - a boon for schools or in trade show applications. Operate, track, monitor and generate operating reports for your organization with ease. Integrated Creston Room View support is also provided
Another key network feature is the content streaming capability. Without dedicated software, one or more PCs can connect to the projector over a standard LAN to share content
Built-In Edge Blend Processor
A built-in edge blend processor allows for the display of multi-projector seamless large images
Simultaneous Multi-Screen Projection (Picture-by-Picture)
The picture-by-picture feature allows for the simultaneous use of high quality digital video inputs (HDMI and DVI) in split screen mode. It shows up to four different screens at the same time, within the same room or in multiple locations
USB Port for Memory Sticks
A USB port is located in the back of the unit, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to make presentations without a PC. The USB port can also be utilized to update the unit's firmware, so that you may never need to uninstall your projector - which could save you valuable time
JPEG Image Support
Business professionals, university educators and others that rely on JPEG images to communicate a richer and more fully realized presentation will appreciate the projector's support of this format through the use of the USB memory stick port. The projector's new image processor races to deliver most images in less than two seconds, without the need for a PC computer
Built-In Speaker
In presentation spaces and situations where an external sound system is not available, the projector features an integrated 5W monaural speaker that delivers crisp sound even at a high volume. Whether you need to showcase an audio file or to play a movie for your listening audience, you will not need either a PC computer or peripheral components to do so
Quiet Operation
The projector operates at only 38dB, so this is not a problem. Switch the unit to power saver mode and the noise level drops to only 32dB
Telephoto / Ultra Telephoto Applications
The projector is an excellent replacement choice for units normally used in telephoto and ultra telephoto applications. This type of installation, at the rear of a room, on a high tower or ceiling mounted, can be costly and require significant work and time to install. Long cable runs can also reduce image quality. Say goodbye to these challenges. The projector can be a cost-effective alternative, taking less time and effort to install. Making use of less expensive, shorter cables can save money, without sacrificing high quality resolution, clarity or ease of use
For greater flexibility, double the brightness and even larger projected images and videos, two projectors can be stacked. Even with two units, its compact and lightweight design makes it possible for the pair to fit into areas where many other projectors could not be as easily accommodated
Ceiling Mounting
The light weight and compact size of the projector help make a ceiling installation an easier task. Optional feet can be fitted on the unit for an inverted mount
The projector can also be installed vertically for greater flexibility and convenience
Easy Maintenance
In Canon's comparative testing, the projector consumed less than .081W per lumen. This low ratio helps to extend the life of its lamp to 3,000 hours (or 4,000 hours in Eco Mode). Furthermore, its filter design provides for up to a lengthy 12,000 hours of operation before needing replacement. Both the lamp and the unit's air filters can be easily replaced while the projector is installed - even if ceiling mounted, in order to greatly enhance ease of use, ease of maintenance and simplicity

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