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Photo / Video Transfers

Photography and Video/movies have undergone many changes since their invention. Many forms of photography like film have become obsolete and we need to convert those images to digital files to prerve them and make them more accessible. Movies, like 8mm and super8 have also become obsolete. Video technology like VHS and 8mm tapes will degrade over time so it needs to be preserved.

A transfer is basically the transfer of data from one medium to another. By transferring data from medium to another it allows you to have the ability to view data thats technology has become obsolete,to preserve the data or to make it easier to view the data.

We have the ability to transfer data in many different ways. Most of these transfers are done in house but some are outsourced. Turnaround time varies and rush jobs can be accommodated.

Scan 100 Photos: Convert Your Memories To DVD
Scan 100 Photos: Convert Your Memories To DVD
Berger Bros Product Rating
Scan 100 photos Don't risk your precious memories to the mail! All work done on premises. We scan to a quality CD or DVD depending on amount scanned and return with your original photos. The DVD or CD(300 dpi, 24 bit JPEG...

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