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HOYA GROW LIGHT - HPS 62mm Kit w/ 49, 52, 58mm Step-up rings


The Grow Light HPS filter was engineered for photographers, cinematographers, and social media managers that need to take pictures or video inside "Grow Houses" that use High Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPS) lights to simulate daylight during the plant growing process.
HPS lights emit a very strong and very bright color spike in the 570-590nm (yellow/orange) area of the color spectrum. This is great for growing plants, but horrible for taking pictures. The color is so strong that cameras can't properly color correct it in-camera even using custom white-balance options. We tested many different color-correction options, both in-camera and Raw processing, with varying levels of success without using a filter. Adding the filter, no matter how we chose to WB the room, always produced the best results because the Grow Light HPS filter specifically targets the color spike and blocks it from entering the camera. This allows the camera, phone, or video camera to Auto or Custom white-balance the scene with ease.

Filter Type Color Correction
Glass Type: Hoya Optical
Multicoated: Yes (3 layers on each side)
Ring Material: Aluminum
Filter Factor: 4 (2 stops)
Color of Filter: Green or Blue depending on light sourceB13
Front Filter Threads: Yes

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