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Cineroid FL400 Flexible LED Single Set (Gold Mount)


The FL400 Flexible LED Single Set with Gold Mount Battery Plate from Cineroid contains all the components you'll need to get up and running with this unique light source. The kit includes a flexible bi-color FL400 LED mat and X-Bracket to convert it to a rigid panel and stand mount it. Also included are a controller to adjust brightness and color, AC adapter, diffuser set, carry bag, and a 9.8' extension cable. This light also has a battery plate that allows use of Gold Mount batteries when mains power is unavailable.


Cineroid FL400 Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel

With the ability to be bent, shaped, or contoured to suit the shape of your subject and lighting requirements, the FL400 Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel from Cineroid is a unique light source with color, light intensity, and power options. The FL400 package comes in three basic parts - the flexible LED mat, FL Controller, and the power supply. This listing is for the flexible panel only. A controller and power supply are required for use.

The 9.4 x 9.4" light source employs 400 LEDs to output 3400 lux while maintaining a high CRI of 95, indicating a precise rendition of color. The lightweight (5.6 oz) FL400 is waterproof (except for the optional Controller) and is impervious to rain, snow, or humid conditions. In fact, you can wash it with water! An optional X-Bracket with a 5/8" receiver is available to hold the light in a rectangular shape and allow it to be easily mounted on a stand with a 5/8" stud.

The optional (and required) FL Controller is the "brain" or the adjustment component of the system. Color temperature is adjusted with a simple dial from a warm 2700K to an icy blue 6500K to match other fixtures, deal with almost any ambient light situation, or just to provide creative freedom. Light intensity is adjustable too, from 0-100% without flicker, saving you from pulling the light back and forth to achieve the right level of illumination. Both color and dimming can be controlled locally on the unit or remotely from a console with the separate purchase of a DMX encoder. Settings appear on the Controller's LCD screen. The Controller is powered by the third part of the package - the optional AC adapter - but with the separate purchase of the appropriate battery plate, it can also run on V-mount or Gold mount batteries when AC power is unavailable.

The optional power supply accepts 100-240 VAC current making the FL400 ready for worldwide use.


Flexible LED Panel

The panel can be bent into any shape that suits your subject and lighting requirements.


Waterproof Panel

The panel (but not the Controller) is waterproof and impervious to rain or humidity. In fact, the panel's surface can be washed with water.


Optional X-Mount Bracket and Diffuser

The optional X-Bracket supports the FL400 in a rigid, rectangular shape and makes it easy to mount on a light stand. The optional diffuser takes the edge off the bright LEDs. It is easily attached to the bracket with the provided touch fasteners.


Optional Controller

The separately purchased Controller allows adjustment of color from 2700-6500K and light intensity from 0-100%. The AC/DC unit accepts an optional DMX encoder for remote adjustments. It can also run on external batteries when AC power is unavailable.


High Power

The FL400 outputs a flicker-free 3400 lux while maintaining a high CRI of 95, indicating an accurate and faithful rendition of color.


Cineroid Controller with DMX for FL 400 and FL 800 Flexible Panels (Gold Mount)

Required for use of the fixtures, the Controller with DMX for FL 400 and FL 800 Flexible Panels with Gold Mount Battery Plate from Cineroid is the "brain" of the system. The ballast controls adjustments of color temperature from 2700 to 6500K and light intensity from 0 to 100%. Onboard DMX allows the adjustments to be made remotely from a console. An AC adapter is required to power the light and controller. This version of the controller has a battery plate for optional Gold Mount batteries that can power the fixture when mains current is unavailable.


Cineroid Extension Cable for FL800 LED Fixture (9.84')

The 9.84', 4-Pin Extension Cable for FL800 LED Fixture from Cineroid offers greater distance between the light and its power supply.


Cineroid Soft Diffuser for FL400 Flexible LED Light

This Cineroid Soft Diffuser is designed for use with a Cineroid FL400 Flexible LED Light. When in use, this diffuser can soften the output of the compatible light fixture and is held in place by its hook-and-loop attachments.

The Cineroid Soft Diffuser for FL400 Flexible LED Light is foldable for storage and transport.


Cineroid Carrying Bag for FL400S

Store, transport, and protect your Cineroid FL400S light kit with the Carry Bag from Cineroid.

Color Temperature 2700-6500K
CRI 95
Number of LEDs 400
Dimming 0-100%
Power Consumption 120 W
Dimensions 9.4 x 9.4" / 240 x 240 mm
Weight 5.6 oz / 160 g
Cineroid Controller With DMX For FL 400 And FL 800 Flexible Panels (Gold Mount) Specs

Dimming 0 to 100%
Maximum Wattage 120 W

Display Type LCD
Dimensions 6.69 x 3.39 x 2.76" / 170 x 86 x 70 mm
Cable Length 6.56' / 2 m
Weight 1.1 lb / 500 g
Cineroid Extension Cable For FL800 LED Fixture (9.84') Specs

Connector 1 4-Pin XLR
Connector 2 Proprietary
Cable Length 9.84' / 3 m

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