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RPS Lighting Octagon Mini Softbox for Speedlites


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The Octagon Mini Softbox for Speedlites from RPS Lighting fits almost any speedlite on the market today. Its 8" diameter octagonal-shaped design, with silver interior, provides even light without heavy shadows. It's built large enough to provide ample light, especially when shooting groups of people, but not so large that it hangs down and cuts into the frame of the image. 

The flaps of the mini softbox fit around your flash unit and their rubberized grips hold it in place. An elastic strap with a hook and loop fastener wraps around the flaps and the speedlite to ensure that the mini softbox does not slide down or fall off. It folds flat for easy storage and comes with a zippered carrying pouch. A great accessory to easily improve flash quality.

  • Fits almost any speedlite
  • Provides soft, even lighting from speedlite flash units.
  • Attaches easily and folds flat for easy storage.
Modifier Type Softbox Dimensions ø: 8.0 x " / ø: 20.0 x cm