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Zhiyun Crane Plus Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


Type a descCrane Plus is an intelligent 3-axis camera stabilizer which has for the first time integrated AI technology into its functions. Combined with a dedicated phone APP, it brings various new intelligent features like Smart Follow, Night Lapse, Motion Memory, and a new POV mode.

Using the new Smart Lapse feature with Crane Plus allows users to add new dimension and motion to timelapse footage. With Night Lapse, gorgeous timelapse photography is no longer limited to daytime. The new Motion Memory feature even allows users to set up advanced camera movements and save them so Crane Plus will remember for the future.

The newly-designed POV (Point of View) mode unlocks unlimited possibilities of shooting. Newly-upgrade Instune system pushes the weight capacity to up to 2.5 kg, adaptable for nearly all mainstream DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market. All these features make Crane Plus a versatile partner for videographers stepping up their games.

POV (Point of View) mode
Crane Plus adds a newly designed POV (Point of View) mode that allows for additional camera movement by providing up to 45 degrees of synchronous motion on the roll axis.

Motion Memory allows you to setup advanced camera movements and save them so Crane Plus will emember them for the future. It will even remember all of your timelapse settings like the interval, number of shots, duration, and more! Now, with a simple click of a button you can repeat the same moving shots over and over again.

Night Lapse works with Crane Plus by setting up your camera movements as you normally would in the ZY Playapp. Then, you simply add pauses in the timelapse movement that match your cameras shutter speed. This allows Crane Plus to pause movement while your camera exposes the photograph, rendering a stunningly sharp image. You can then easily set all of your other parameters like your shot interval (the number of photos you’re taking), the duration of the whole movement and more.

Crane Plus even allows higher-precision object tracking with more intelligent image recognition system. Draw a box around the object you want to track on the phone screen, then your Crane Plus can easily track the moving object and do rest of the job for you.

With 6th generation Instune Algorithm System, Crane Plus can handle a massive weight capacity of up to 2.5kg (5.51lbs). Whether you’re using mirrorless cameras with kit lenses or you’re using professional grade DSLRs with heavier lenses, Crane Plus can now handle a significantly wider range of camera and lens combinations
Control Select Panasonic & Sony Cameras

Using the proper cable for either your Sony or Panasonic Camera, you’ll be able to control your camera by taking photos, stop and start recording, zoom in and out, and more. Not only that, but you’ll be able to charge a compatible camera when connected to Crane Plus. Worry less about your battery life and focus more on getting the perfect shot.

1 Minute Installation
Crane Plus is equipped with newly designed thumbscrews for fast and convenient camera installation. You can manually mount, dismount and balance your camera to get ready for shooting in only 1 minute without tools.
12-Hour Runtime with Included Batteries
Equipped with two high efficiency 3600mAh rechargeable batteries, Cane Plus can run a maximum time of 12 hours stably. It can cope easily with professional filming and live broadcast situations.

1/4"-3/8” mounting
1/4"-3/8” mounting thread on the bottom for use with support gear such as monopod, tripod.

Lens support for mounting longer lenses
Crane Plus comes with a lens support for mounting longer lenses, allowing more flexible camera & lens combos according to your needs.


0.35-2.5kg (0.77-5.51 lbs)

Pan: 360 deg.
Tilt: 360 deg., unlimited
Roll: 360 deg., unlimited
POV Mode Roll: 45 deg.

Operational Current
80 to 6000 mAh range, 110 mAh standard

Static State: +/-0.01 to +/-0.03 deg.
In Motion: +/-0.05 to +/-0.2 deg.

3.7 V, 3600 mAh

Battery Type
26500, lithium-ion

Battery Runtime
12-18 hours

Typical Charging Time
3 hours

Operation Temperature
-10 to 45 deg. C (14 to 113 deg. F)

Dimensions (WxDxH)
6.8 x 7.4 x 14.7" (17.27 x 18.80 x 37.34cm)

2.1 lbs (0.95kg)

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