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Two items every Landscape Photographer should have.

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The more i practice landscape photography, the more I notice a need for alternate equipment. This want for more specialty products surfaced when i noticed a need for a 24-70mm lens, specifically the Canon 24-70 F/2.8. This particular lens gives me an expansive wide angle that will not overly distort your image like many other wide angle lenses on the market. This lens also works for portraits and event shooting, it is a great all around lens. The low aperture of this lens gives the user a great depth of field at F2.8 I can photograph a tree and and have only the bark in focus with the entire background perfectly blurred. This purchase gave me the ability to use one lens for multiple techniques.

After shooting with this set up for a month i noticed a need for a tripod but i found myself at a loss because the awkward positions im often in while shooting and often i lack the space to set up a tripod, but without a tripod I can't do long exposures. I was at a complete loss until I picked up my Joby Gorillapod this tripod is strong enough to hold my 5D Mark III with my 24-70 lens attached, but it also has the ability to be wrapped around a tree branch or anything similar making use of its jointed legs.

These purchases enabled me to become a more versatile landscape photographer and now I'm never limited by my surroundings. I can only imagine what I'll add to my supplies next.

  • Landscape Photgrapher
  • Canon 24-70
  • Joby Gorillapod

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