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  • PhotoFlex 22" 7-in-1 MultiDisc Reflector

PhotoFlex 22" 7-in-1 MultiDisc Reflector


* Guaranteed Flat - to create smooth, consistant, even fill-light, and give you accurate control over your light source
* Fabric Panels - zip on to change quickly
* Heavy Duty, Double-Riveted, Steel Frame - adds strength to prevent breaking, and to maintain MultiDisc
shape and firmness
* Neutral-Colored Disc Edges eliminate the possibility of uneven light on shiny surfaces
* The MultiDisc comes in its own protective, durable fabric case for storing and transporting
* PhotoFlex 5-Year Warranty
  • MultiDisc Applications:
    White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results.
    Silver: Use to increase specular highlights adding more contrast to your image.
    Gold: Use for a strong warming effect in your lighting.
    Soft Gold: Use for natural-looking, warmer reflected light. Soft Gold combines silver and gold in a zig-zag pattern
    for a warm, summery feel that works great with skin tones.
    SunLite: A less reflective surface than the SoftGold, ideal for direct sun to bounce back a warm lite into your
    subject without blinding them.
    Black: Use to introduce a shadow on one side of your subject for a more dramatic effect or give three dimensional modeling in an otherwise
    flat lighting situation. Often referred to as negative fill.
    Translucent: Use to diffuse light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect.
    22" for head shot portraits;
    32" for shooting head-and-shoulder portraits, and pets
    42" provides plenty of light coverage for shooting 3/4 body shots

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