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Canon 2 x 3" ZINK Photo Paper Pack (20 Sheets)


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For use with ZINK-compatible equipment such as the IVY mini photo printer, these 20 sheets of 2 x 3" ZINK Photo Paper from Canon will give new life to your printer and allow you to easily create colorful prints wherever you are. They use Zero Ink printing technology, relying on different heat-sensitive layers inside the media to form the final image with no need for ink or toner. As a result, borderless printing is easily achieved, and the images are naturally resistant to smudging or water damage.


The product comes configured in five packs of ten sheets, each pack with its own separate Smartsheet that can be run through the printer to optimize performance and help remove dust or debris. Prints are tear-resistant for easy handling and feature a peel-off adhesive backing for immediately sticking them onto a wall or board. A glossy finish is applied to the paper to help make vivid pictures that are eye-catching.

Printing Technology: ZINK Zero Ink Backing: Peel-off adhesive Finish: Glossy Media Size 2 x 3" / 5.1 x 7.6 cm