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OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm f/3.5 Macro IS PRO Lens (Micro Four Thirds)


M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO
Every day we walk past adventures. Treasures hidden in plain sight, tucked away in nature, so close we don't even notice. But some see past the obvious and go even closer to find an unseen world full of majesty, mystery, and borderline magic.

Every leaf can be a home for wildlife, every bush a canvas for art, and every water droplet a mirror for the very soul of the forest. This is our ode to those who see the unseen.

OM-D, OM SYSTEM, Olympus, PEN, MFT, Micro Four Thirds, system camera, interchangeable lens
Whether you have an OM camera from OM SYSTEM or an Olympus OM-D, PEN or any other compatible camera, you'll benefit from all that the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) standard has to offer: a camera system boasting compact size, light weight, more shooting freedom, high image quality and ease of use, to name just a few.

Closer Encounters Of The Good Kind
A 2x magnification ratio coupled with our Micro Four Thirds standard delivers a 4x 35mm equivalent magnification ratio.

Add one of our teleconverters and you have up to a 4x (8x 35mm equivalent) macro lens capable of capturing an unseen world invisible to the naked eye.

When Life Gives You a Rainy Day, Play In The Puddles.
Have you ever seen dragonflies dancing on daffodils in the rain?

Neither have we, but we hope our industry-leading IP53 weather-sealing will inspire a new breed of water-inspired macro photography in the outdoors.

Fewer Jitters = More Nature and Critters
Shake off the excess weight of a tripod and the worry of picture blurring camera shake. Our macro-optimized 5-axis sync IS delivers seven shutter speed steps of shake compensation for worry-free handheld outdoor macro experiences even at full 4x magnification shooting.

All The Focus. Every Time. Full Speed.
The 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO has class-leading high-speed and high-precision AF across the entire focusing range. You can capture each extraordinary moment as they happen while remaining in complete control through the intuitive control layout and camera integration.

Want To Get Even Closer? No Problem.
Couple the 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO with our 1.4x or 2x teleconverters, and you'll be entering a new territory of close. With up to 4x (8x 35mm equivalent) magnification, you shouldn't be left wanting for more any time soon.

Snap, Flick, Click.
The lens comes with a snap-back focus clutch that instantly lets you fine-tune the focus manually and check your magnification ratio. It also features a three-position focus limiting switch; an IS switch, and an L-Fn button for smooth operation.

Let Your Camera Do Your Desk Job.
Why exchange your hard-earned free time in the woods for sitting in front of the computer stitching photos together when your camera can do it for you? Macro and focus stacking go together like peanut butter & jelly, and the 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO makes it as easy as a few presses of a button. (with compatible OM SYSTEM camera bodies)

Got a need to lighten things up when working up close? With the on-lens STF-8 Macro Flash, you can get as close as you want without worrying about unwanted shadows. Or do you need protection for your lens? Just grab one of our protection filters.

OM SYSTEM 90mm f/3.5 Features

  • Superior Resolution with up to 2x magnification with MC-14 teleconvertor (4x at 35mm equivalent)
  • Superior Resolution with up to 4x magnification with MC-20 teleconvertor (8x at 35mm equivalent)
  • Manual Focus Clutch Mechanism Focus Limiter
  • Resistant Design with IP53 Performance
  • 8 Elements in 13 Group Lenses
  • Ultra-High Magnification Capabilities
  • High-Speed & High-Precision AF
  • High-Performance 5-Axis Image Stabilization

Focal Length 90mm (35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 180mm)
Maximum Aperture f/3.5
Minimum Aperture f/22
Lens Mount Micro Four Thirds
Lens Format Coverage Micro Four Thirds
Angle of View 14°
Minimum Focus Distance 8.8" / 22.4 cm
Maximum Magnification 2x
Macro Reproduction Ratio 2:1
Optical Design 18 Elements in 13 Groups
Diaphragm Blades 7, Rounded
Focus Type Autofocus
Image Stabilization Yes
Filter Size 62 mm (Front)
Dimensions (ø x L) 2.7 x 5.4" / 69.8 x 136 mm
Weight 1 lb / 453 g

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