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FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 99 Instant Film Camera


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Designed to deliver precise light and color control, the INSTAX MINI 99 Instant Film Camera from FUJIFILM lets users unleash their artistic flair and create unique images for a true analog experience. Enhance your images using six available Color Effect settings, or use the 'normal' setting to render things as they are. There are also five shooting modes, including Normal, Indoor, Sports, Double Exposure, and Bulb, each of which helps to further optimize the camera for a particular shot and scene. If you feel a particular scene would benefit from additional highlight or shadow detail, you'll be able to choose from five levels of adjustable brightness. Or, leave the brightness set to 'normal' to keep things how they are. After you've taken a shot, images are printed on 2 x 3" INSTAX MINI instant film, which is sold separately.

FUJIFILM built the INSTAX MINI 99 with a zone focusing system that may be set from 9.8' to infinity for landscapes, 1 to 2' for for macro, close ups, and selfies, and 2 to 9.8' for everything in between. A manual vignette switch narrows the aperture for a more artistic look, and you may also alter the tone of a scene by taking control of flash functionality. Thanks to dual shutter buttons, users can easily capture scenes in both portrait and landscape orientations.

  • Premium analog instant camera with matte-black finish
  • Use Landscape and Macro Mode to take sharp images, both from a distance and close up
  • 5 Shooting Modes to create unique images (Normal, Indoor, Sports, Double Exposure, and Bulb)
  • Built-in flash control
  • Five levels of brightness control to create high/low-key photos
  • Express yourself using the 6 Color Effect settings, powered by color-changing LEDs inside the camera
  • Built-in self timer
  • Built-in automatic exposure
  • Prints high-quality, 2 x 3" INSTAX MINI instant photos (INSTAX MINI instant film required, sold separately)