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Kinefinity MAVO mark2 LF


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Combining a high-performance processor with the same full-frame 3:2 CMOS image sensor found in the MAVO Edge 6K, the MAVO mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera from Kinefinity offers high 6K frame rates up to 96 fps, detailed highlights, organic images, and outstanding low-light performance with dual native 800/5120 ISOs. Use the included, adaptable KineMOUNT and separately available adapters to provide compatibility with EF, PL, and LPL mounts and Kinefinity's new active PL and Sony E-mount adapters.

MAVO mark2 adopts the MAVO Edge high-performance computing platform, integrates industry standard ports like independent dual SDI outputs with meta data and encodes stunning images as Apple ProRes4444/XQ footage onto NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. Coming in the lightweight compact camera body with the streamlined workflow, MAVO mark2 S35 and MAVO mark2 LF provide more cinematographers with a professional and efficient filmmaking experience at a more affordable price.

Back to classic S35 image format, MAVO mark2 S35 is designed to cater to use S35 glass, widely available, more styles even more affordable than full frame counterparts.

Building on the advanced computing platform, the new camera configures a new S35 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor which allows users to capture up to 6K Wide 96fps, 4K Wide 150fps. The new sensor also features dual native ISO 800/3200 like MAVO Edge 8K, that means the images from the new camera much less noise than previous generation. MAVO mark2 S35 with new S35 sensor on advanced platform offers cleaner shadows, better highlight details, wide latitude to 14 stops and higher frame rate no matter low light conditions or studio shooting.

The MAVO mark2 LF continues to feature the remarkable 6K full frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor from the popular MAVO Edge 6K, maintaining high frame rate of up to 75fps at 6K Wide, 150fps at 4K Wide and amazing dual native ISO 5120/800. The industry-standard ISO 800 is regular for shooting in normal light scenes, while the second native ISO up to 5120 is perfect for low light scenes to obtain a clean image with high latitude and low noise, ideal for documentary filmmakers or those who favor available light during night shoots. Compared to MAVO LF, MAVO mark2 is capable to retain more highlight details, ideal for shooting in complex lighting environments, presenting organic images and cinematic look.

MAVO mark2 offers more comprehensive lens options by introduction of new mount, embracing the broader and more modern lenses with its interchangeable mount design. It can work smoothly with virtually all cine PL/LPL lens, DLSR EF lens and modern E mount lens, capturing images with more diversified styles.


Native KineMOUNT: The first cinema camera KineRAW-S35 launched by KINEFINITY in 2012 was equipped with the short flange distance native KineMOUNT. KineMOUNT is very convenient for switching mount adapters including EF, PL and LPL adapters without tools.

In addition to keeping the exclusive native KineMOUNT, MAVO mark2 provides two new lens mounts: the Active PL Mount and Active E Mount. Users can install and detach the active mounts without extra flange distance calibration. 

Active PL Mount: The reliable cine-style locking mechnism enables the active PL mount to connect the lens with the camera toughly. It supports the Cooke/i protocol, and can saves them into the clip, bringing intuitive interaction on set and flexibility in post.

Active E Mount: MAVO mark2 with the Active E Mount can support most of modern and lightweight E lenses instantly. It allows users to tune the iris, focal length and focus of these electronic E lenses in camera control or manually, also the lens optical stabilization can be activated if the lens has the option.


Apple ProRes4444 Recording

MAVO mark2 has the powerful capability of directly recording high-quality clips in camera from Apple ProRes 422 LT to ProRes 4444XQ. The advanced architecture allows the MAVO mark2 to record ProRes4444XQ format and and records Kine LOG3 Gamma to preserve all the dynamic range data captured by its CMOS image sensor,  achieving fast post-production workflow.

Safe and Flexible Recording Media

The SSD slot of MAVO mark2 is based on PCIe, and the recommended recording media is the proprietary KineMAG Nano 1TB/2TB based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. KineMAG Nano SSD has two superior safety features: Read-only and RAID 5. It improves the safeness of the KineMAG Nano while copying or writing to the SSD at blazing fast speed in camera. With a universal USB-C port, KineMAG Nano allows offloading data to the workstation at a speed of up to 10Gbps.

Integrated Body Design: MAVO mark2 inherits the integrated body design of MAVO Edge camera which has won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. The compact camera body only weighs 1.35kg(2.98lbs), equipping with a host of general control ports, dual SDI outputs embedded metadata and audio, and high-quality multi-channel audio recording.

Comprehensive Power Solution: The MAVO Edge 6K offers an innovative hybrid battery plate to accommodate power demands in various shooting scenarios. The hybrid battery plate supports 14.8V V-mount batteries like KineBAT PD 75w/150w. It also supports BP-U type batteries like GripBAT 4S to meet the power demand of complicated camera setups that require a light build. With the addition of Movcam’s cage, the KineKit-Edge, NP-F550 type batteries like GripBAT 2S can support an Uninterruptible power supply to the camera via the UPS Baseplate.