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  • Leica 50mm  f/0.95 Aspherical Lens

Leica 50mm f/0.95 Aspherical Lens


The new Leica 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens has been dubbed by the company as the world's fastest ashperical lens. As the successor to the famous Leica 50mm f/1.0 the new lens improved upon the original in many ways. Using high quality materials and unrivalled craftsmanship, the new Leica 50mm f/0.95 ASHP lens is a substantial improvement through and through.

While maintaining similar dimensions to its predecessor, the speed of the lens has been increased. The extremely shallow depth of field at open aperture delivers portraits of unparalleled aesthetic effect. The quality of the image is simply astounding, which is why the lens is considered to be one of the best lens offerings from Leica.

The Leica 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens is suited for all light conditions even in a dimmed room. Using a floating element, the quality level of the image can be retained even in close up shots. Images have little or no distortion and vignetting.

To conclude, the new Leica 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens is the perfect companion for your Leica digital camera.

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